Infiniti Granite Tile is here to answer market demand

For almost 50 years, PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry (PT. PCI) is present in the world ceramics industry, unwittingly its products have become an integral part of our daily lives. From private residences to hotels, offices and shopping centers, everything is inseparable from the touch of quality Platinum Ceramics products. This time, PT. PCI and its sister company, PT. Surya Multi Cemerlang (PT. SMC) held a Product Launching & Customer Gathering in 4 major cities in Indonesia with the aim of getting closer to loyal customers and at the same time introducing the newest products.

PT. PCI and PT. SMC has introduced the Lamina Granite Titanium product a few years ago, this time launching a line of the newest brand called Infiniti Granite Tile. Infiniti Granite Tile is here to answer market demands that want granite flooring products with good quality and charming designs.

Like the name Infiniti itself, this product is presented as a product that knows no time and generation. The dignified product can last for decades, offering granite products with a minimum load weight of 350kg / cm2 and infiltration of water less than 0.5%. Products made with Italian technology are recognized as products with the best durability in their class. For this reason, products that can be applied to both floors and walls are the most suitable products to be applied to all types of buildings that can last up to the next generation

Not only that, the latest motifs from the Lamina Granite Platinum & Ceramic Ceramics, were also introduced on this occasion. Titanium Lamina Granite is a pioneer of big slab granite products in Indonesia that is specifically designed to answer the challenges of a design that is of the size of relief and can be a substitute for perfect natural stone. Lamina Granite Titanium has the best specifications in its class, with sizes up to 1.2x2.4m and 8mm thickness & infiltration of water below 0.5%. Excellent products from PT. This SMC is a solution for the needs of architects who want to bring spacious and elegant nuances in the room.

All Platinum Ceramics product variants, Infiniti Granite Tile & Titanium Lamina Granite are available on the market and ready to meet your needs.

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