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We are the champions“. That’s our NSC 2010 theme. NSC stands for National Sales Conference. It’s a gathering session for our sales, marketing, export, manufacturing, purchasing and procurement, IT, HRGA and the finance division, together with the management team from 6 branches and the shareholders.

This year we held the conference in Bali for 4 days, from Feb 25 till Feb 28. It was attended by the total of 137 PCI employees. Our schedule for the first day was to attend a motivational seminar, delivered by Mr. Louis Sastrawijaya. It was about how to become a champion in such a fierce market competition.

The second day was scheduled for OUTBOUND, which took place in Danau Buyan, Bedugul. All the activities were meant to build teamworks and relationships, and also to increase our focus and ability to think strategically. It was also meant to improve our communication with others, strengthen teamwork and our will to sacrifice something in order to bring our team to victory..

Platinum Outbond

The third day was assigned for the panel discussion session. In this session all the employees got a chance to ask and communicate their inputs to the Top Management. Then all of the Branch Manager from 6 areas in Indonesia also presented their commitment to the Top Management.

Later that night, we did a ‘PLATINUM HERO’s NIGHTS’. We were all dressed in Superheroes costumes and each group made a parody based on the theme they’ve been assigned for.

Platinum Hero's Night

The main purpose of this event is to gather PCI employees from all over Indonesia along with the shareholders, and other organization’s members, to unite our mission, vision and company’s goals. So that we can improve ourselves and give our customer the best products and services. Platinum! We Are The Champions!!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” – Michael Jordan


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