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by admin on Feb.24, 2010, under PCI Knowledge

Introduction of Our Official Blog “Platinum Ceramics Industry”

Welcome to the official blog of Platinum Ceramics Industry ( PCI ). Here you’ll find not only information and recent updates about our new variety of design, events, and exhibitions. You’ll also find what inspires those new designs, how we create it, who work behind the scenes, and more.

The reason behind the making of this blog is to make our Customers, such as your self, our supplier, our distributors, our employers and anyone who access this blog can get closer to us and understand more about PCI and every detail that makes us who we are right now or who we’ll be in the future.

We, PCI, commit to always challenge ourselves to always give something new, simple, elegant, timeless and modern to the market. But not only being fashion forward, we’re also always considering about the comfort of those who’s living with our ceramics to be comfortable and serene. That’s us, PCI, a LIFESTYLE.

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Platinum Ceramics supported HABITechno International Conference in Bandung!

by Blog Admin on Nov.18, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

HABITechno is a seminar that invites academic communities ranging from universities, research institutions, and other various disciplines to present papers with subject to development of housing or human settlement based on academic research. Arranged by Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and sponsored by PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry, the seminar also creates a network between academicians and practitioners to develop further knowledge on the technological innovation and to implement the output for into an application.

Started at 8 to 17 pm, the event invited keynote speaker Dr. Ir. Mochamed Basoeki Hadimoejiono, Msc as a representative of Kementrian Pekerjaan Umum Perumahan Rakyat, and followed by famous lecturers from China, Korea, Netherlands, and so on. Here are the pictures during the event:


(Welcoming Speech from dean of SAPPK (Sekolah Arsitektur, Perencanaan, dan Pengembangan Kebijakan),Prof.Dr.Ing.Ir. Widjaja Martokusumo)


(Prof.Dr.Ing.Ir. Widjaja Martokusumo, giving welcome speech)


(Souvenir Giving to Professor Jie Chen – Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China in the theme of Institutional Innovations for Public Housing Development followed by Dr. Jehansyah Siregar – Expert from Directorate General of Housing Provision, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia and Dr. Ismet Belgawan Harun)


(Mr. Indra Budiman Syamwil of ITB Explained about Innovation Strategy for Decentralized Housing Provision in Implementing Social & Economic Approaches to the Development of Public Housing)


(Platinum Ceramics visitor admiring one of the famous 30×75 motif accompanied by Heri from Merchandising Team)


(The view of HABITechno Registration Table)

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Architecture of UK Petra Visited Karangpilang Plant.

by Blog Admin on Oct.07, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

A sunny day in the morning is the perfect phrase to describe the weather when Platinum Ceramics welcomed 3rd year of architecture students from UK Petra to the oldest yet still effectively functional factory, Karangpilang Plant. As usual, Platinum Ceramics team began the session by sharing about product knowledge with Mr. Adrick, then we divided the students into 2 groups consist of 17 students each, with each group led by unit manager of the visited production unit.

Guided by the tour leader, students started to get astonish as they watched big machine setup that was stretched from crushing to sorting process where the final product is ready to be sold. Anyone would be amazed to watch a mixture material then become shiny and beautiful rectangular shaped material in a matter of hours. Even the team still got the sensation if they had to do the tricky part of climbing the ladder above tile moving line. You can feel it too by looking below pictures to see how good the moments were:

Visit PK1

(Miss Maggie as Event Marketing Opened the Session with Greeting Speech)

Visit PK 2

(Mr. Adrick Explained Production Process)

Visti PK 3

(A Student Questioned About Materials That Gives Glossy Look on the Ceramic)

Visit PK 4

(Students Walked to Production Unit Part 1)

Visit PK 5

(Headed to Production Unit Part 2)

Visti PK 6

(Mr. Anton as Unit Manager Explained Glazing Material)

Visit PK 7

(Students Got Their Attention on Glazing Process)

Visit PK 8

(Chilled After Touring in)

Visit PK 9

(Thanksgiving from Mr. Dwi to Platinum Ceramics)

Visit PK 10

(Prize Giving to Active Students in Q&A Session)

Visit PK 11

(Platinum Ceramics Team with 5th Semester of Architecture UK Petra Students)

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Platinum Ceramics Retail Gathering in Balikpapan & Banjarmasin.

by Blog Admin on Sep.21, 2015, under PCI Experience

The last event of Platinum Ceramics Retail Gathering this year held in Balikpapan & Banjarmasin on 25 & 28 August 2015 was a huge success despite of the first time this event to be held in these cities. Solid preparation between principal and distributors have managed to gather all retailers from Balikpapan and Banjarmasin into two ballrooms, one on Swiss-Belinn Hotel Balikpapan, and the other one was on Rattan Inn Hotel Banjarmasin.

The team created a great atmosphere to our guests. From tasty dinner, product showcase, fine conversation, product promotion offering until door prize giving, the guests looked very pleased at that time. These are the pictures which we want to show you how cheerful the nights were:


(Doorprize Giving by Mrs. Nina from PT Gemilang Baru Lestari and Mr. Chandra from PT Surya Langgeng Abadi)


(Table Setup of Balikpapan Retail Gathering)


(The (Welcome Speech for Banjarmasin Retail Gathering)


(Another View of Banjarmasin Retail Gathering)

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Dies Natalis 50th of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) Architecture Program.

by Blog Admin on Sep.08, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

Celebrating 50th birthday of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) architecture program, there were several events held to gather participants around Surabaya. One of interesting major event was International Conference & Architecture Field Trip on 1-2 September 2015. The conference invited many expert architects as keynote speakers, such as Bagoes Wirjomartono, Sudaryono Sastrosasmito, Koji Sato, and Budi Sukada. Talking about Architecture Manifestation in Indonesia, the speakers discussed variant point of views about the architectural objects which had been left by society.

Being a sponsor of this event, Platinum Ceramics through Mr. Ahmad Zuhardi, General Manager of Karangpilang Plant showed off the latest 30×75 and 80×80 ceramic production which quite fascinated the audience. An architect lecturer once commented that the big size 80 x 80 should be advertised and promoted more as there are many people who are still unaware about how big the effort in producing this well engineered ceramic size.

Below are the pictures that describe how successful the event was:


(The (Opening of International Conference Dies Natalis 50 th)

Picture2(Bagoes Wirjomartono Giving Example about Indonesian Architectural Masterpieces)


(Sudaryono Sastrosasmito Explaining the Relationship Between Political Economy to Architectural Manifestation)


(Committee Giving Thanks to Keynote Speakers)


(Mr. Ahmad Presenting Platinum Ceramics Product Knowledge)


(Platinum Ceramics Team with ITS Lecturers)

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Platinum Ceramics in Decorintex Roadshow with IMAJI Publisher.

by Blog Admin on Aug.29, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

Decorintex (Decoration Interior Exhibition) is an exhibition of premium interior and exterior products, which is also a place of inspiration for interior designer in creating fresh and new designs. Other than that, PT. Debindo Mitra Utama as an exhibitor collaborated with IMAJIBooks making a roadshow seminar in Grandcity Surabaya on August 22nd, 2015.

Inviting Ketut Arthana as a main speaker who showed off his Bamboo House masterpiece, Platinum Ceramics also holding as a sponsor invited Mr. Adrick Rayman to share about ceramics. Imelda Akbar, a core writer of Archinesia series also came to give stories in latest chapter of her new book. Attended by 60 audience of all ages and many professions, the seminar was closed with special discount IMAJIBook sale. Take a look at the below pictures:


(The attendees of the Roadshow)


(Mr. Adrick Rayman Sharing About Ceramic)


(The Moderator Welcoming Main Speakers)


(Main Speaker, Mr. Ketut Arthana)


(A Guest asking the advantages of bamboos when used as a house)


(Mr. Adrick Receiving Imelda Akbar’s New Release)


(The Prize Giveaway from Platinum Ceramics)


(The All Participants of Roadshow)

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Platinum Ceramics Supports Petra Health care Design with Sustainable Approach Seminar!

by Blog Admin on Aug.27, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

Over decades, construction and interior design have been changing drastically as people become more educated and sensitive about their lifestyle. There are several things to consider in delivering an effective cost’s building with tremendous sustainability without overriding the aesthetic appearance. The seminar arranged by Interior Design team from Petra Christian University, explained about how should a design be in places practically such as Hospital, Warehouse, etc.

Took place at Grand city Surabaya on August 21th 2015 and sponsored by Platinum Ceramics, the event surprisingly was attended by 250 guests. Mr. Adrick Rayman from Platinum Ceramics was given an opportunity to share about ceramic knowledge related to sustainable design. Here are the photos that you may look from the event:

1(The Opening. Approximately 250 people were waiting the first presentation led by Platinum Ceramics)

2(Another shot from other side)

3(Mr. Adrick Rayman is explaining about ceramic for sustainable design)

4(Mr. Welly is answering the question about ceramic products)

5(The prize giveaway to Q&A participants)

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Platinum in Retail Gathering Bandung and Cirebon!

by Blog Admin on Aug.20, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

We want to thank all attendees who came to Platinum Ceramics’ recent Cirebon and Bandung retail gatherings. Out team had so much fun meeting the friendly people from these two cities. This event took place in Aston Hotel Cirebon and Harris Hotel Bandung. Below are some of the photos from these two events:


(Retail Gathering Setup in Aston Hotel Cirebon)


(Elena 30×75 Being Admired by Our Special Guest)


(The Dining Session)


(The Guests Discussing About Ceramic Motifs in Business Perspective)


(Our Happy Guests)


(Planning On Promo Package)


(MC Opening the event in Harris Hotel Bandung)


(Introducing Promo Package)


(Guests Having Fun with Distributor’s Representative)


(The Lucky Person Winning a Doorprize)


(Another Lucky Guests Receiving LED TV 32 Inch)


(Platinum Ceramics Team with Distributor Crews)

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Platinum Ceramics Sponsored Interchange Session 15th in Surabaya.

by Blog Admin on Aug.15, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

Acknowledge that architects and contractors are the key people in deciding ceramic products to be used in residential buildings or apartments, so sharing knowledge with them has been one of our concern. Platinum Ceramics team is really enthusiastic in maintaining the relationship through reputable roadshows such as Interchange Session by BCI Asia. Therefore, Platinum Ceramics Industry eagerly shares the product knowledge in a 30 minutes presentation during the event. For additional information, this recent event held in Singgasana Hotel, Surabaya, was attended approximately 100 professional architects, contractors, and also students.

These are the photos during the event:

Platinum Ceramics Stands:


Platinum Ceramics Stand


The Audience Waiting for Presentation to Start


Mr. Adrick Giving Product Knowledge Presentation


Architect Asking About Ceramic Motifs


5 Active Audiences Received Prize from Answering Questions

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Platinum Ceramics Gathers All Retailers in Solo, Yogyakarta, & Purwokerto.

by Blog Admin on Jul.15, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

Solo, together with Yogyakarta, are 2 major cities in Central Java which have two great cultural center of Mataram Kingdom that was split in 1755. Both places are good for trips especially for people who love arts and traditional culinary. In addition, Purwokerto is also full of Banyumas history which is also a place you should come if you are looking for something epic.

Aside of historical lessons, these towns are also nice place for business, especially if you know that Platinum Ceramics’ business partners are spreaded over those cities. In June 2015, we gathered all retailers from Solo, Yogyakarta, and Purwokerto in Platinum Ceramics Retail Gathering event to introduce them our new products, offer them best package deal, and also maintain the relationships by having a good time together. Here are the shots from the events that you can look:

Picture1(A View of Retail Gathering Event in Solo).


(Platinum Ceramics team with Solo Distributors and Retailers).

Picture6(Retail Gathering Yogyakarta).

Picture7(Platinum Ceramics team with Yogyakarta Distributors and Retailers).

Picture8(Platinum Ceramics team with Distributor crews of Yogyakarta).


(The scenes of Purwokerto Retail Gathering).

Picture10(Mr. Fabian gives a price to a Quiz Winner).

Picture2(Another prize from Platinum Ceramics Industry).

Picture3(Here’s the lucky guest who won a special prize).

Picture4(At the end, Platinum Ceramics team took some pictures with Purwokerto distributors).

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