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Bubble by Asia Tile.

by Blog Admin on Feb.01, 2013, under PCI Collections

Introducing a new floor tile, 20 x 20 cm motif by Asia Tile. With a matte finished in color block design and 2 choices of colors this new motif will surely enhance your home.

bubble green-1BUBBLE GREEN

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by Blog Admin on Sep.01, 2010, under PCI Knowledge

stiker mobil corolla

We decided to continue Our Gift For You (OGFY) promo. If the previous promo we give out an exclusive jacket, for September-November period we will give out a traveling bag. the design for this bag is pretty much flexible to anything. You can use it for 3 days trip, or you can use it to be your everyday working bag, even for a big trip as your handbag. It came out with a nice proportion, and also with a stylist designs.

So, go to the nearest shops in your town and get our free traveling bag, with minimum purchase of 100 box for both Asia Tile and Platinum.

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Fonte by Asia Tiles

by Blog Admin on Apr.29, 2010, under PCI Collections

Introducing our new motif by Asia Tiles, named Fonte. a pure shiny black floor tile that brings a luxury ambiance. Comes in 40×40 size, to fullfill the market needs to dark color tiles.

Fonte Black

fonte Fonte Black

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Red for Asia Tiles

by Blog Admin on Apr.29, 2010, under PCI Collections

Red is the color of passion and courage. To match the market needs we launch a new variant of color for two of our Asia Tiles 20×25 wall tile motives, Montana and Olivia.

Montana Dark Red and Olivia Dark Red

Montana Dark Red with Montana Basic and Red Line Olivia Dark Red with Olivia Basic and Red Line

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Made in Indonesia

by Blog Admin on Apr.12, 2010, under PCI Knowledge

In year 1971, PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry that’s formerly known as PT. Asia Victory Industry, Ltd was developed in Surabaya, Indonesia. Our first brand is Asia Tiles that reach to middle class customer, and then later in 1994 we launched Platinum Ceramics that targeted to upper class customer.

Now, the local market competition is tough, plus with the AFTA agreement, the market competition is getting even tougher each day. But for us, it’s not an obstacle; it’s a challenge that we have to deal with by keep increasing our service and quality, both in design and technology.


We’re proud to say that our products are “Made in Indonesia”

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Olivia by Asia Tiles

by Blog Admin on Apr.06, 2010, under PCI Collections

Introducing a new 20x 25 wall tiles motive from Asia Tiles, named Olivia. Come in 1 basic color and 2 dark colours, dark brown and dark green.  The whole design is inspired by marble, that’s why the pattern is random. It has a glossy surface to enrich the marble design itself. We also provide the third firing tiles to mix match it and making it looks more classy and elegant.

Olivia Dark Green and Olivia Dark Brown

olivia dark green Olivia Dark Brown

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Wood by Asia Tiles

by Blog Admin on Mar.23, 2010, under PCI Collections

Introducing our new products from Asia Tiles. We just released a new 40cm x 40 cm floor tile named Wood. Came out with 2 variants of color, brown and latte. Inspired by the sense of nature and the people needs to fulfill the ambience of ‘nature’ and freshness. We produce it in 40×40 size to ease the installing process so that it can be installed in a small space too. Besides thinking about the sense of nature, we also considering the market preferences, so we produce it with a glossy surface. The 2 option colors were made to follow the real wood colors to make it more natural, but in a modern way with its zigzag parquet. Besides making it looks more modern, the zigzag parquet will make the room space looks more spacious.

Wood Brown

Wood Brown by Asia Tiles

Wood Latte

Wood Latte by Asia Tiles

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Visit Bali

by admin on Mar.15, 2010, under PCI Knowledge

On early march, some people from Sales and Marketing department were visiting Bali to do the market visit and do some research among retailers and consumers regarding product and service quality. This was a routine agenda in order to get more information on market insight then we can always improve ourselves in delivering our product and services. Also we want to strengthen our relationship with the retailers. This visit is actually a win –win for us, the retailers can get our attention and we got more knowledge from them.

“Knowledge is Power” – Sir Francis Bacon

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Surabaya IndoBuildTech 2010

by admin on Mar.13, 2010, under PCI Experience

On March 10-14 2010 Platinum Ceramics Industry is participating an exhibition in Gramedia Expo Surabaya, titled “Indobuild Tech”. It is an exhibition for building equipments and materials. A lot of other big players in the industry also joined for the exhibition and supported by architect and design interior organization, such as IAI and HDII. The visitors are varied from project contractor, architect, design interior, retailer shop and end users

Asia Tiles Booth at IndoBuild Tech Exhibition

At this time, we bring our brand Asia Tile for the exhibition and build the booth dominated in Asia Tile brand attribute colors, which are red and white. We want to communicate more to our target segment about Asia Tiles product and also about our company itself. This event is a good media for us to have an open communication with our customer then our customer can get better information about our product and services.

“Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company” – Michael Leboeuf

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