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Platinum Ceramics’ SPG / SPB Gatherings in UD. Norton Surabaya!

by Blog Admin on Feb.22, 2016, under PCI Knowledge

At the beginning of 2016, Platinum Ceramics heightened the awareness of its brand in Surabaya by holding SPG/SPB Gatherings for Norton Building Material on 15 February 2016.

Here was some of the pictures from the events:


(Mr. Adrick was explaining the production process of Ceramics Tile)


(The audiences were attending the product knowledge)


(Q and A session)

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Platinum Ceramics Product Launching 2015!

by Blog Admin on Dec.16, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

In November 2015, PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry launched various ceramic products. These new collections, showcased softer looks that portrayed elegance for contemporary look.

Held in Surabaya, Denpasar, Semarang, and Jakarta with thousands of visitors from all around Indonesia, these events boosted Platinum Ceramics brand recognition toward architects, designers, distributors and many others in the business. More than 20 panels were showcased, where visitors were given the opportunity to look at simulation that exhibits how beautiful a room could be with the use of Platinum Ceramics’ products.
Below were pictures from the events:

Launch 1

(The guest comprehended the hot package deals)

Launch 2

(Our mutual business partner were speaking about Platinum Ceramics products in Surabaya Launching)

Launch 3

(Dining session in Surabaya Launching – Grand City)

Launch 4

(The view of registration table during the early hour in Gumaya hotel Semarang)

Launch 5

(Customer with Platinum Ceramics representatives in Semarang Launching)


(The visitors of Semarang Launching in Gumaya hotel)

Launch 7

(Sales & Distribution Director, Mr. Welly with Reporters after Press Release in Surabaya Launching)

Launch 8

(Visitor examined the new Lucano 40×40 FT in Trans hotel Bali)

Launch 9

(The Example of Panel Setup Showcased in Semarang)

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Interior Design UK Petra Visits Showroom Platinum Ceramics.

by Blog Admin on Sep.09, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

As mentioned before, Platinum Ceramics Goes to Campus is one of particular event which has a purpose to give students deep understanding about ceramic material. The seminar idea is adapted from experts and practitioners such as architect, contractor, or technician who have been handling with ceramic for decades. There are several topics discussed in this roadshow. For example, an introduction to the latest Platinum Ceramics motifs, the method of choosing suitable tile for different room application, an explanation about ceramic production process, and so on.

On September 4th 2015, Platinum Ceramics team had an occasion to bring 3rd semester of UK Petra interior student to Platinum Ceramics Showroom & Gallery. Thereafter some knowledge about ceramic, the students were taken to showroom where they can examine our latest collections. The team was quite overwhelmed with students who were so concerned to ask questions related to ceramic design for home use, yet, we were appreciate that students enjoyed their visit. Here are some photos that you may look:

Picture1(The 34 Students Were Shown Focused in Topic Discussed)

Picture2(Student Questioning About Certain Material Used in Ceramic Production)

Picture3(The Prize Giveaway to Active Students in Q&A Session)

Picture4(Mr. Adrick Rayman and Ms. Poppy, Interior Design Lecturer with Student Taking Prize Giveaway)

Picture5(Ms. Poppy Giving Symbolic Thanks to Mr. Adrick as a Platinum Ceramics Representative)

Picture6(The Platinum Ceramics team with Lecturer and All Students of UK Petra)

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Platinum Ceramics Sponsored Interchange Session 15th in Surabaya.

by Blog Admin on Aug.15, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

Acknowledge that architects and contractors are the key people in deciding ceramic products to be used in residential buildings or apartments, so sharing knowledge with them has been one of our concern. Platinum Ceramics team is really enthusiastic in maintaining the relationship through reputable roadshows such as Interchange Session by BCI Asia. Therefore, Platinum Ceramics Industry eagerly shares the product knowledge in a 30 minutes presentation during the event. For additional information, this recent event held in Singgasana Hotel, Surabaya, was attended approximately 100 professional architects, contractors, and also students.

These are the photos during the event:

Platinum Ceramics Stands:


Platinum Ceramics Stand


The Audience Waiting for Presentation to Start


Mr. Adrick Giving Product Knowledge Presentation


Architect Asking About Ceramic Motifs


5 Active Audiences Received Prize from Answering Questions

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Platinum Ceramics Industry’s first “Goes To Campus” event at Brawijaya University Malang!

by Blog Admin on Jun.01, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

A sunny day full of fresh air greeted the Platinum Ceramics Industry’s team as soon as they arrived at the Brawijaya University in Malang. It was a perfect day for a presentation. The participants were enthusiastically listening to the presentation.

Below are some pictures to describe the day:


(Students were waiting for the event in main entrance)


(Students were registered in the main entrance)


(Mr. Welly was representing Platinum Ceramics in the opening speech)


(Mr. Adrick was starting the product presentation by showing Platinum Ceramics’ head office)


(All of the students are concentrating in the product presentation session)


(The student explained about the production process of Platinum Ceramics)


(One of the students was asking about the material of the ceramics)


(The winner of QA session)

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A Quick Snapshot of Indobuildtech 2015 Surabaya.

by Blog Admin on May.29, 2015, under PCI Knowledge

After several hours of booth decorating, a lot of preparations, and many other things which had been done, we are glad that this time of exhibition has been successfully attracted every individual, mostly for those who is concerned about building material. In order to do so, we didn’t just press ‘Summon’ button to release all the attendees to come in and have a cup of tea or coffee. But the effort of Platinum Ceramics Team, particularly in creating the atmosphere from comfy couch to flawless and shiny sink, made it perfect in every single glance.

Experience is the key point that we want to share with everyone. Platinum Ceramics wanted everyone to feel that they are living in their dream house. Besides, Platinum Ceramics also wanted to enhance the society that ceramics are not just for floor and wall essential but it’s applicable as decorative wall tiles.

If you came to our booth, you might find an atmosphere of how the house’s interior should be decorated. The soothing aromatherapy smell, lighting ambiance, and the vibrant had drowned you into a relaxing subconscious of your mind. If you’re a busy person who spend most of your time in outdoor, you’re gonna love this house.

The Platinum Ceramics booth had 5 different rooms which were set to be exactly a modern house look alike. It had a mini kitchen, dining room, living room, mini bar, and bathroom. The purpose is to make a better viewpoint in what you can do with ceramics, people can find inspiration to create something which interpret their expression. Aside, we also assisted people to find what is suitable design for their own house using Platinum Ceramics products. Go take a look to our gallery of photos below:


(The Dining Room Setup)


(People Observing Platinum Ceramics Collection)


(Our Instagram Social Media Followers)


(Team Platinum Ceramics are ready for IBT 2015)


(The new followers for Platinum Ceramics social media)


(The Peak Day 1 )


(The guests are coming and filling the questionnaire)


(Visitors are looking for Platinum Ceramics collection)


(The new followers for Platinum Ceramics Facebook & Twitter)


(The Peak day of Exhibition)

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Bubble by Asia Tile.

by Blog Admin on Feb.01, 2013, under PCI Collections

Introducing a new floor tile, 20 x 20 cm motif by Asia Tile. With a matte finished in color block design and 2 choices of colors this new motif will surely enhance your home.

bubble green-1BUBBLE GREEN

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by Blog Admin on Sep.01, 2010, under PCI Knowledge

stiker mobil corolla

We decided to continue Our Gift For You (OGFY) promo. If the previous promo we give out an exclusive jacket, for September-November period we will give out a traveling bag. the design for this bag is pretty much flexible to anything. You can use it for 3 days trip, or you can use it to be your everyday working bag, even for a big trip as your handbag. It came out with a nice proportion, and also with a stylist designs.

So, go to the nearest shops in your town and get our free traveling bag, with minimum purchase of 100 box for both Asia Tile and Platinum.

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Fonte by Asia Tiles

by Blog Admin on Apr.29, 2010, under PCI Collections

Introducing our new motif by Asia Tiles, named Fonte. a pure shiny black floor tile that brings a luxury ambiance. Comes in 40×40 size, to fullfill the market needs to dark color tiles.

Fonte Black

fonte Fonte Black

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Red for Asia Tiles

by Blog Admin on Apr.29, 2010, under PCI Collections

Red is the color of passion and courage. To match the market needs we launch a new variant of color for two of our Asia Tiles 20×25 wall tile motives, Montana and Olivia.

Montana Dark Red and Olivia Dark Red

Montana Dark Red with Montana Basic and Red Line Olivia Dark Red with Olivia Basic and Red Line

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