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Our Official Blog

by admin on Feb.24, 2010, under PCI Knowledge

Introduction of Our Official Blog “Platinum Ceramics Industry”

Welcome to the official blog of Platinum Ceramics Industry ( PCI ). Here you’ll find not only information and recent updates about our new variety of design, events, and exhibitions. You’ll also find what inspires those new designs, how we create it, who work behind the scenes, and more.

The reason behind the making of this blog is to make our Customers, such as your self, our supplier, our distributors, our employers and anyone who access this blog can get closer to us and understand more about PCI and every detail that makes us who we are right now or who we’ll be in the future.

We, PCI, commit to always challenge ourselves to always give something new, simple, elegant, timeless and modern to the market. But not only being fashion forward, we’re also always considering about the comfort of those who’s living with our ceramics to be comfortable and serene. That’s us, PCI, a LIFESTYLE.

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Bubble by Asia Tile.

by Blog Admin on Feb.01, 2013, under PCI Collections

Introducing a new floor tile, 20 x 20 cm motif by Asia Tile. With a matte finished in color block design and 2 choices of colors this new motif will surely enhance your home.

bubble green-1BUBBLE GREEN

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Azteca by Asia Tile

by Blog Admin on Jan.17, 2011, under PCI Collections

Introducing AZTECA,  a new motif for 40 x 40 floor tiles by Asia Tile. The design was inspired by a natural stone looks. Whether you choose the brown or the grey colors they both look natural, so it is very nice to apply it as an outdoor flooring. Visit our main website for more variant of motifs.

Azteca Brown and Grey


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Merry Christmas

by Blog Admin on Dec.24, 2010, under PCI Knowledge

Platinum's Christmas ad

Dear readers,


we wish you all the joys and happiness the seasons can bring

You can check our Christmas wishes for you from KOMPAS and JAWA POS newspaper on December 22. And you can see the Christmas spirit shown in our showrooms in Surabaya, Semarang, and Jakarta.

So, happy Christmas, happy holiday,  and don’t hesitate to visit our showroom.

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Platinum Peduli Merapi

by Blog Admin on Nov.09, 2010, under PCI Experience

Platinum Peduli Merapi Team

PCI shareholder, Halim Sudarga and Sales Director, Welly Santoso handing out some supplies

Handing out Food supplies

Our Sales Senior Manager, Imliah Sunarto with one of the victims

A terrible nature disaster srtike our beloved contry, Indonesia. In term of showing our dedication and responsibility for humanity we organized a contribution to the disaster’s victims.  Together our Sales and Marketing team from Indo tengah Branch with our shareholder, Halim Sudarga and our Sales Director, Welly Santoso headed to Jogja to visit and giving some supplies to those volcano disaster’s victims. Our mission start from 5 am and we deliver the supplies to 5 different shelters.

Not only helping out at this crisis time, we have already arrange to contribute 10.000 box of our tiles to help rebuild the home of the victims that has destroyed.  So, we hope what we did could not only help but also inspire the others to do the same thing as us.

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Forum by Asia Tile

by Blog Admin on Oct.05, 2010, under PCI Collections

Introducing our new 30 cm x 30 cm floor tile by Asia Tile, named Forum. it’s a random marble design and come in 2 choices of color, cream and green. This modern marble design is everlasting and it won’t looked old even in years. So, get our new motive in your nearest local building materials store.

Forum Cream and Green

FORUM cream FORUM green

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Ramos by Asia Tile

by Blog Admin on Sep.27, 2010, under PCI Collections

Introducing our new 30 cm x 30 cm floor tile motive by Asia Tile, named Ramos. It’s a random design, marble inspired floor tiles that will give an effortless look to your space. You can use it in your living room, bed room, and more. With 2 choices of color, cream and gray, you can create a classic-modern ambiance . So, go to your local building materials store and find us there.

Ramos Cream


Ramos Gray


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Dado by Asia Tiles

by Blog Admin on Sep.22, 2010, under PCI Collections

Introducing our new 40 cm x 40 cm floor tile motif by Asia Tiles, named Dado. Inspired by a random marble design that’ll bring an elegance style to your space. Available in 2 colors, brown and green. With the glossy surface, it can be used for your bed room, living room, or even your terrace.

Dado Brown and Green

Dado Brown Dado Green

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Forsa by Asia Tile

by Blog Admin on Sep.15, 2010, under PCI Collections

Introducing our new motif by asia tile. Named Forsa, this 30×30 floor tile come in 3 colors, Cream, green, and gray. The inspiration behind this design is by natural marble design which modified by our design team in the factory to be richer and brighter to match the market needs.

So, go to our retails and agents across Indonesia and enhance your home or office looks.

FORSA Cream, Green, and Gray


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Our Proud Products

by Blog Admin on Jul.26, 2010, under PCI Knowledge

Our company have 2 brand in the market which both targetted at the different market. First let me introduce you to our first brand, Asia Tile. This brand targettes to a middle-low class market, with it’s vibrant colors and design which is match with the market needs. these are the packaging for Asia Tile.
Asia Tile Box
Our second brand is Platinum Ceramics, targetted to middle to middle up market with a more shopisticated and modern look and a softer choice of color. We want to show an eye-catching packaging to attrack the market attention, and also to show our company colors which is black.

Platinum Ceramics Box

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