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Welcome to the official blog of Platinum Ceramics Industry (PCI). Here you’ll find not only information and recent updates about our new variety of design, events, and exhibitions.  You’ll also find what inspires that new designs, how we create it, who work behind the scenes, and more.

The reason behind the making of this blog is to make our Customers, such as your self, our supplier, our distributors, our employers and anyone who access this blog can get closer to us and understand more about PCI and every detail that makes us who we are right now or who we’ll be in the future.

We, PCI, commit to always challenge ourself to always give something new, simple, elegant, timeless and modern to the market. But not only being fashion forward, we’re also always considering about the comfort of those who’s living with our ceramics to be comfortable and serene. That’s us, PCI, a LIFESTYLE.

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Have a Peaceful and Holy Idul Fitri

by Blog Admin on Jul.24, 2014, under PCI Experience

Minal Aidzin wal faidzin… Minal Aidzin wal faidzin… Wow it’s Ramadhan now, let’s celebrate it guyss… Helloo, we come to celebrate Ramadhan now! How about you fellows? Oh, before we forget to inform you guys, actually we had 5 of the images to think about, the siluet, colour, details, cartoons, pronunciation of the Ramadhan itself. We asked to our majority staffs in the whole office and Taraaaaa this is the option for our advertisement.

You can see the images that we attached! Kindly check guys!

The original file

The original file

the second revision

the second revision

the third revision

the third revision

the fourth revision

the fourth revision

the finale

the finale

Now, what we need from you guys is please give us comments and feed backs about our design. What do you think about it? Do you like it? Do you think it’s suite to Ramadhan?

You can give us your comments whatever your opinions. We are craving for that =p

By the way, Happy Eid Mubarak guysss and wishing that it brings your way ever joys and happiness.. Don’t forget to share your stories because we will share ours!

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Platinum Ceramics for IMAJI

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Hi guys, have you ever heard about Indo Build Tech? Hereby I give you some guidelines.

Can you imagine in one place there was a full of complete building material that you can simply choose what you want? What you need? And you can order it directly in that place.

It’s very simple isn’t it? But before you decide what you need, you have to explore about it.

Architectures are a complex but also a fun job, it needs fresh ideas, new knowledges, and the new design lifestyle.

Let us give you some information about ceramics. What is ceramics? What is it function? How to apply it in house material as lifestyle?

We assume that you are craving for that information isn’t it?”

So for you guys who have job as architecs should join us in next time because we have a lot of information to share and surely you will enjoy it.

Don’t forget, Platinum always has a new upcoming ideas that you should notice about.

We will come very soon after Lebaran to share about our holidays and hopefully you can share your owns to us.

Happy Holiday pal!



Platinum Ceramics

Platinum Ceramics

Platinum Ceramics

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Audi by Platinum

by Blog Admin on Feb.08, 2013, under PCI Collections

Audi is one  of Platinum Collection which designed with mosaic texture. We release 4 pastel color such as: blue, green, purple and orange in 20×33 cm of dimension.

With it’s color combination and decoration, this motif look so modern classic which is very comforted to decor your special private room.

audi 2033



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Bubble by Asia Tile

by Blog Admin on Feb.01, 2013, under PCI Collections

Introducing a new floor tile, 20 x 20 cm motif by Asia Tile. With a matte finished in color block design and 2 choices of colors this new motif will surely enhance your home.



bubble green-1


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Happy Chinese New Year 2564

by Blog Admin on Jan.29, 2013, under PCI Experience

Dear Readers,

JP_cny 23.2x35.5con

Soon we will celebrate Chinese New Year 2564, we already start to decor all our showroom with Chinese New Year Spirit which you can feel it in every single corner of our showrooms at Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Jakarta and Bali.

Showroom Surabaya

Showroom Surabaya


At today, we also start to display Chinese greeting on every single billboard we have and send Chinese New Year wishes in newspaper : Kompas and Jawapos.

Showroom Mangga Dua, Jakarta

Showroom Mangga Dua, Jakarta

Billboard Gatot Subroto Bali

Billboard Gatot Subroto Bali

So let us wishes you a happy prosperous New Year. Good luck and great success in the coming New Year

Gong Xi Fat Choi

Warmest Regards


Team and Family

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Tile Management

by Blog Admin on Jan.18, 2013, under PCI Knowledge

Don’t relegate tiles to kitchens and bathrooms! Tiles can be a wonderful and very practical means of adding colour, pattern and texture to any room. Here are five ways to use them with abandon

1. Be creative.

2. Be experimental. Tiles naturally lend themselves to splashbacks, but why not wrap that splashback up to the ceiling, down to the floor and keep on going? this is a very stylish and simple way to define a zone

3. Be bold. Nothin says practical pattern better than a tiled floor

4. Be distinctive A tiled wall makes a welcome change from paint or even feature wallpaper. It adds tactility and relief, plus unrivaled gloss or ultra matt effects.

5. Be imaginative Why  not add a seen of the unexpected to your sleeping space with a tile headboard?

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The New Neutrals

by Blog Admin on Jan.10, 2013, under PCI Knowledge


Monochrome is a perennial style classic. To temper the stark contrast between light and dark, combine texture and shade. Add tones of grey to black and beige to white. It’s a graphic, timeless palette that delivers maximum impact.

The trick to mastering monochrome is to balance your palette: if you opt for black walls, your floor should on the side of pale, and vice versa. You should also combine surface textures and finish with interesting metallic details to ensure the look is arresting rather than austere.






Here a few more tips to bear in mind…

  • Textural details more than tone will add depth and warmth to the natural elegance of monochrome, but don’t be too subtle or they will get lost
  • You can soften the effect of black and white by adding graduated tones from grey to beige
  • Accessories your palette with metallic elements that shimmer in the light. Try mixing chrome, copper and brass – the key is contrast
  • Don’t forget to layer up your lighting by combining natural, task and overhead sources to create atmosphere and to illuminate the textural details.


Get the same monochrome palette with Platinum Ceramics collection as  : Plato Grey 80×80, Sicilia Grey 60×60, Magma Grey 50×50, Ecco Dark Grey 50×50, Armani Black 40×40, Stone black 40×40, Bonza White 50×50|40×40|20×50|25×40 and many more…

Visit our Gallery of Platinum to get more suggestion

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Bathroom Inspiration #2

by Blog Admin on Jan.07, 2013, under PCI Knowledge


This bathroom  (designed by Kastrup Sjunnesson) fills distinctly japanese in style and tone. A deep bath made of sandstone is the unmistakable centrepiece of the integrated bath and shower area.


A cool palette of timber, grey and white emphasises the bathroom’s pure, clean lines.


Brilliant white tiless are a foil to the sandstone bath and limestone basin.


Use the same white tiles from our bonza series

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Platinum Goes to Campus

by Blog Admin on Jan.05, 2013, under PCI Experience

This is being the second session for our annual event “Platinum Goes to Campus”.

This new session is opened at Diponegoro University together with Architecture Faculty.


Use one of their classroom, we discuss about wall tiles and floor tiles technology and specification also introduce about Platinum Ceramics to them. Some of our topic is about our biggest size 80×80, digital printing technology, ceramics application etc.



After a two hour session at Diponegoro University, we run to ISI Yogyakarta to held the same event there.



In this event we also display some panel to show how to install the ceramics and how to compose ceramics design being an great room or a gorgeous featured wall.  We also prepare some goodie bag to appreciate students which join this event.

So, if your university also want the same event, don’t hesitate to contact us, We’ll try to find a perfect time to held the same event at yours.

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