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Welcome to the official blog of Platinum Ceramics Industry (PCI). Here you’ll find not only information and recent updates about our new variety of design, events, and exhibitions.  You’ll also find what inspires that new designs, how we create it, who work behind the scenes, and more.

The reason behind the making of this blog is to make our Customers, such as your self, our supplier, our distributors, our employers and anyone who access this blog can get closer to us and understand more about PCI and every detail that makes us who we are right now or who we’ll be in the future.

We, PCI, commit to always challenge ourself to always give something new, simple, elegant, timeless and modern to the market. But not only being fashion forward, we’re also always considering about the comfort of those who’s living with our ceramics to be comfortable and serene. That’s us, PCI, a LIFESTYLE.

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Hello Again Ciputra University Students!

by Blog Admin on Sep.13, 2014, under PCI Experience

Hello again UC students! Still remember us in 2012? We gave you a product knowledge for our ceramics tile? Now, this is the chance for all of your friends who has not been joined this event! We welcome the new students to discover our Platinum Ceramics brand from the newest motif, most favourable design and best quality of ceramics tile which you’ve never had.
So what are you waiting? Do not hesitate to contact your university / faculty if you want to be invited in this event!

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Modern Retro

by Blog Admin on Aug.30, 2014, under PCI Knowledge

It is time to play with color for your bathroom.




Bathroom have more value if there is a balance between function and aesthetic. To  create a bathroom which is can be relaxing our mood, Platinum Ceramics develop many fresh color in its ceramic wall tiles.

You can try to apply modern simplicity in the bathroom design. It will be a plus point if you can find a playful centerpieces to fulfill every function of the bathroom  like shower, dressing, sink and toilet.  With connecting four function in one area, it will be easier to install the drainage. Try to apply our Yellow color from Bery Series  which is represented retro color with furniture from that era. Use also bonze white for the background color


Must be noted:

- Ventilation and sun shine is the essential items for bathroom at tropic area

- bathroom design must functional and ergonomic

- Greeneries in the bathroom will make the mood softer and more natural

- Try color & pattern for your bathroom. Colorful color will boost your mood

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National Conference ” The New Design of Airport “

by Blog Admin on Aug.21, 2014, under PCI Experience

On that day, 15 of August 2014 each eyes of the audiences in the conference were not blinking at once. They were impressed by Platinum Ceramics Videos which showed about our newest and biggest size 80 X 80!

They said,” It’s awesome! I’ve never seen how incredible a ceramic industry could make that fabulous video ever! This is the unpredictable video and made us want to use that motif of ceramics for our design!”

Most of the students and audiences will be boring when they’ve heard of explanation about ceramics whether it’s the motif or the product itself. On the other hand Platinum Ceramics always have something unique, fashion and new lifestyle that make people want to use it! And this is one of the examples that we as Platinum Ceramics proud of it!

It can be said that this conference was quite successful and useful for the students because they can imagine how Platinum Ceramics always have a new idea of concept!

We as Indonesia citizens must be proud of our local product. So, Love Indonesia product, Love our brand, and we will never disappointed you!

Success for Petra University, success for Angkasa Pura, success for Garuda Indonesia, success for HDII and success for Platinum Ceramics!






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Reflection on creativity : public engagement and the making of place

by Blog Admin on Aug.18, 2014, under PCI Experience


Good Afternoon our beloved friends! We will share to you about our marketing event in Bandung which held by IAI & ITB last friday. This event was quite successful to attempt their target audiences! By this event, we want to expand Platinum Ceramics in the eyes of our audiences.

Why did we give product knowledge to the participants? Because without product knowledge, how they can know and love Platinum? We were not just selling our product but we want them to love us more and more. Now we will share to you about our stories in this event!

We absolutely sure that you have heard about Platinum Ceramics. Platinum Ceramics as a trust brand ceramic company becomes one of the industry that usually used by contractors in Bandung. Why? Because Platinum Ceramics is famous with their own “creativity” design and the quality of its product. Thus, we as Platinum Ceramics joined this international event and attended by creativity champion in some different places around the world. This conference held once in two years. And what is the other reason we joined this event? Because we know how important a city is, the creativity of energy, lifestyle, network system and its culture which related with our business.

Here we give you who are the Keynote speaker in the conference! They are :

- Christopher Silver, Prof.

Professor and Dean of College of Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida

- Clorinda Romo,

Co Founder, city laboratory of mexico city

- Andrew Hudson Smith, Dr. FRSA

Director of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), university college London, UK

- Sambit Datta, Dr. School of Built Environment, Curtin University, Australia

- Gianluca N Lange, Autodesk AEC Asia, Hongkong

- Scott DUNN – Vice President of Development, AECOM in Malaysia

- Armein Langi, PhD.

School of electrical engineering&informatics, ITB, Indonesia

- Ridwan Kamil ST.MUD, Walikota Bandung, Indonesia

- Unggul Prayitno, Dr

Chairman Agency for the Assessment Application of Technology, Indonesia

We also provided a simple cute booth for our audiences in case they need additional information, not forgotten we also attach some of our pictures to share. So, now do you have a  picture of what Platinum Ceramics is?

Please do not hesitate to give us feedback or contact us if you need information! And last but not least, Wait us for our next event!






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Happy Independence Day Indonesia

by Blog Admin on Aug.16, 2014, under PCI Experience

Tujuh belas agustus tahun empat lima
Itulah hari kemerdekaan kita
Hari merdeka nusa dan bangsa
Hari lahirnya bangsa Indonesia

Sekali merdeka tetap merdeka
Selama hayat masih di kandung badan
Kita tetap setia tetap setia
Mempertahankan Indonesia
Kita tetap setia tetap setia
Membela negara kita………

Yes! Thank You for our Country Hero for protect Indonesia from colonisers! This song was presented for our Heroes! Every 17 of August, we as Indonesia citizens will be proud to declare this song in the public! Surely, we want to celebrate it with our friends and co-workes. Our Merchandiser team has setting up our flags in front of Platinum Ceramics Office as our contribution and tribute for Our Independence Day!

We as Platinum team says,”Happy Independence Day for Indonesia, keep proud and be a better citizens for years ahead.”

Bendera 1

bendera 2

bendera 3

bendera 4

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The New Icon of Airport : Invitation

by Blog Admin on Aug.11, 2014, under PCI Knowledge


Dear our valued friends,

DON’T FORGET to come at Airport New Concept Seminar held by Interior Design Petra Christian University. In that Seminar, we, PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry, will participate by showing our new collection..

We would applied those collection into numbers of booth which will looks like a Lounge at the Airport..Despite of showing new collection, we also give some useful souvenirs for visitors.

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What is Your Colours?

by Blog Admin on Aug.08, 2014, under PCI Knowledge


What do you think with the phrase written above? We agree with Picasso that colours really follow the changes of emotions.


For examples; sometimes we need a booster in one space so we use bright colour ex. yellow in wall or other accessories. In other side, we need a calm room, so we choose natural colour like grey or cream to decor the room.

Sometimes we also use colour to explain who we are. Are we more grey or pink or blue?

f8901d7028da8f1c842b6ec85a71892a copy

That’s why, Platinum Ceramucs try to develop many beautiful colour for our tiles to fulfill many needs from yours. There’s grey for a retreat space, yellow for a booster mood, orange which has very high visibly for highlight a space and many others.



EOS_5029 copy

So, how about you? Will you choose blue, yellow, orange or pink? In which area?

Tell us what is yours…

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New Icon of Airport : Preparation

by Blog Admin on Aug.04, 2014, under PCI Experience

Fresh air, warble fly, and warm sun cover up the sky hmmm… It’s time to go back to work my friendsss… Office is ready for you!

How’s your holiday? Was that a great holiday for all of you? Let’s share about your stories!

Do you still remember about our information that we’ll establish in August?

Yeah, we will contribute an event called “ The New Icon of Airport” that established by Petra Christian University on 15 August 2014 in Diamond Room, Grand City Surabaya

This project has some objectives which talks about the design about Airport devises, it will form as talk show and lead by Mr. Thomas Ari Kristianto, ST., MT. (Dean of HDII).

We’re pretty sure that it will be a marvelous event so don’t miss it guys, we are waiting for youu!

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Idul Fitri 2014 Holiday Notification

by Blog Admin on Jul.26, 2014, under PCI Experience

Yeahhhhh holiday has just arrived! Time for relaxxx, go shopping, and spend our precious time with our lovelyy people… We as staffs of Platinum Ceramics will have our holiday that we’ve been waiting for.

Now let us tell you that our office will be closed from 27 of July 2014 and we’ll come back on 4 of August 2014; except Bali area which will be closed only at 28-29 July 2014

If there is something that you need from us in this period of holiday time, please do not hesitate to contact us at :

Surabaya area : Beni Susilo 081 2329 77775

Semarang area : Rizal 081 129 0706

Jakarta area : Jefri 081 333 999 358

Bandung area : Virna 085 321 999979

Medan area : Linda 0853 6217 3999

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